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Healing and Heritage Collection, 2019

This project carrierd out during the Artist in residency program at Els Igols, Barcelona-Spain.
Lost-Back view
Lost-Front view-2019
Lost-Left side view
Lost-Right side view
Artist's girlfriend-Mixed media
Rujindili III-Mixed media
Chef du quartier-Mixed media on canvas
Next-Mixed media
All kings-Mixed media
When battle ends-Mixed media

Selected Abstract paintings and different mixed media

palette installation
Hard Work_150cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
In My Feelings_60cm By 60cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Night Love_90cm By 120cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Her_60cm By 70cm_Acrylic On Canvas
a Day & Night-80cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Nyabugogo_50cm By 50cm_Oil On Canvas
Background Not Future_90cm By 120cm_Mixed Media On Canvas
Destiny_200cm By 140cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Fear_30cm By 20cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Genius_100cm By 80cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Guitar_50cm By 50cm_Acrylic & Oil On Canvas
Guitarist_100cm By 80cm_Synthetic On Canvas
Market Mood 2_60cm By 40cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Media Today_70cm By 100cm_Mixed Media On Canvas
My ChildHood_2000cm By 140cm_Acrylic OnCanvas
My Friend_100cm By 50cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Ups & Down_100cm By 80cm_Mixed Media On Canvas.JPG
Trinity_50cm By 70cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Queens_40cm By 40cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Shape Of Life_90cm By 120cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Thinking_150 cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
True Friends_100cm By 80cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Affection_100cm By 1500cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Portrait Of MyFriend's Dog_100cm By 50cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Elephant & Its Child_100cm By 150cm_Acrylic On Canvas
My Queen_120cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Twin Elephants_90cm By 90cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Unititled_100 cm By 110cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Elephant Familly_150cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
My Pleasure_70cm By 100cm_Acrylic On Canvas
Within Family_180cm By 1050cm_Acrylic On Canvas
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