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Kigali arts center,Remera, Rukili 1,
KG 654 ST 44, Kigali-Rwanda



Fabrice Girihirwe was born on 5th September 1995  in Western Province of Rwanda in Rubavu District.  In his childhood he liked drawing and at the age of 7 that's when he realized that he has that talent, during that time he enjoyed to draw cartoons, games and soldiers.
He kept that spirit of drawing even though his parents and teachers used to slap him because it was a source of distraction but he continued to draw because it was his passion.

In his childhood he didn't think that one day he will be a professional artist because his family members and teachers at school weren't supportive in art. He was encouraged by his ordinary level friends at school who were seeing that talent in him and they advised him to join the art school of Nyundo (Ecole d'arts de Nyundo), a single art school in the country located in the western province of Rwanda.

From then he had put much effort in his studies , then in 2012 he was admitted to study in that school .After reaching there that is when he decided to do arts as his professional career.
In 2014 he got his diploma in graphic arts from Ecole d'Arts de Nyundo . After graduating from high school he decided to leave his hometown (Gisenyi/Rubavu) and move to Kigali the capital city of Rwanda because that is where he could get the opportunity to network with other professional artists who could welcome and help him in the career. From September 2015 until now he is studying the creative design in the National university of Rwanda and he combines that  with his art career.

He is a painter and a mixed media expressionist, he is a story teller through his paintings and other artistic ways of expression. His source of inspirations are mostly from his childhood memories that includes playing  on the shores of lake Kivu at his hometown, the environment and colours are also the source of his inspiration because he prefers to take a walk as he observes the mixture of different colors that are found in the environment. The other relevant thing that gives him an inspiration is the interaction that he makes when talking to distinct people, those conversations stay in his  mind and after he translates the conversation into a story that could be expressed artistically.

In his artworks he mostly focuses on Love, peace , happiness and the culture identity of Rwanda. Girihirwe Fabrice is an artist who excel in the use of color configurations and the art of transforming geometric and curvilinear forms .He explores the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and  tonal scales, Viewing his dynamic and vibrancy works of art is an exciting kinetic experience. He has participated in various local and international exhibitions  such as   IDENTITY,  Sheffield-UK; Who we are, Kampala-Uganda, Kivu Nuru art exhibition, Nord Kivu-RDC; African village, Rhineland-Palatinate Kigali; Kwita Izina art exhibition, Kigali and his artworks are found in several galleries such as  Kigali arts center, Rwanda art museum...
Professional experience

2019-present   Working on the Baho Neza Project, Imbuto foundation, Kigali.
2018-present   Teaching Painting as part time job at MEG Foundation school, Kigali.
2017-present   Permanent exhibition at Shami arts gallery, Kigali.
2017-present   Painter and mixed media expressionist at Kigali arts center.
2016                 Painted portrait of saint Dominique for St Dominique school, Kigali.
2016                 Painted portrait of saint François for St Dominique school, Kigali.
2016                 Wood habitat arts gallery painter, designer and projects manager
2015                 Kivu nuru art show, performer and in team of organizers.
2014-2015       Painter and mixed media expressionist at Jet home gallery, Kigali.


2019      Rwanda Retold, group exhibition by Envision, MoCADA Museum, New York.
2019      2nd Voice, Solo exhibition, Kigali arts center, kigali-Rwanda

2018      IDENTITY, group exhibition at the Grace, fitzlan. Sheffield-UK.
2018      A woman perspective, group exhibition; Kigali arts center, Kigali-Rwanda.
2017      My destiny solo exhibition; Kigali arts center, Kigali-Rwanda.
2017      Who we are, group exhibition Mabirizi plaza, Kampala-Uganda.
2017      Youth today, group exhibition; Musanto hotel, Rubavu-Rwanda.
2016      Kwita izina exhibition, Kigali exhibition village Kigali-Rwanda.
2016      African village, group exhibition, Renhanit palatinant, Kigali-Rwanda.
2016      Behind me, group exhibition by Umurunga arts, Butare-Rwanda.
2015      Kivu nuru art exhibition, group exhibition; Nord kivu-RDC.


2018      Finalist in the ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi competition, Kigali.
2017     1st prize arts for change competition.
2016     Young talented artist of the year, evolution talent show, Kigali.
2015     2nd prize in kivu nuru art show, Nord kivu-RDC.