Girihirwe Fabrice (b. 1995, Gisenyi, West P. Rwanda) is a painter and mixed media expressionist currently based in Kigali, Rwanda. he is a story teller through his artistic ways of expression. Girihirwe derives much of his inspiration from his childhood, the other relevant thing that gives him an inspiration is the interaction that he makes when talking to different people, those conversations stay in his mind then he translates them into a story to tell through his artistic ways of expression.

Girihirwe’s art depicts and focuses  on Love, peace, healing, happiness and the culture identity of Rwanda. He is an artist who excel in the use of color configurations, the art of transforming geometric and curvilinear forms as well as recycling different objects. He explores the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, Viewing his dynamic and vibrancy works of art is an exciting kinetic experience.

Girihirwe’s latest work uses Recycling objects from their ancestors to explore ‘healing and heritage ’ as a concept and examine the relationships between mental health, the body and spiritual practices.

He has participated in various local and international exhibitions such as IDENTITY, Sheffield-UK; Who we are, Kampala-Uganda, Kivu Nuru art exhibition, Nord Kivu-RDC; African village, Rhineland-Palatinate Kigali; Kwita Izina art exhibition, Kigali and his artworks are found in several galleries such as Kigali arts center, Rwanda art museum.


My art merges imaginations, what I see, how I feel and memories from my childhood. I’m deep into ‘healing and heritage ’ as a concept and examining the relationships between mental health, the body and spiritual practices.

My surroundings are my inspiration, I always believed that my work should be unfinished in the sense that I encourage people to add their creativity to it, either conceptually or physically  it is important for me as an artist to interact with the community by telling their stories through my practices and of the environment as well. Healing, Peace and Love are what I always spread to the world.

2019 Working on the Baho Neza art Project, Imbuto foundation, Kigali.
2018 Teach art ( in art club) at MEG Foundation school, Kigali.
2017 Permanent exhibition at Shami arts gallery, Kigali.
2016 Painted portrait of saint Dominique for St Dominique school, Kigali.
2016 Painted portrait of saint François for St Dominique school, Kigali.
2016 Wood habitat arts gallery painter, designer and projects manager
2015 Kivu nuru art show, performer and in team of organizers.
2014 Painter and mixed media expressionist at Jet home gallery, Kigali.

2019 2nd Voice, Kigali arts center, kigali-Rwanda
2018 My destiny solo ; Kigali arts center, Kigali-Rwanda.

2019 Rwanda Retold, group exhibition by Envision, MoCADA Museum, New York.
2018 IDENTITY, at the Grace, fitzlan. Sheffield-UK.
2018 A woman perspective, Kigali arts center, Kigali-Rwanda.
2017 Who we are, Mabirizi plaza, Kampala-Uganda.
2017 Youth today, group exhibition; Musanto hotel, Rubavu-Rwanda.
2016 Kwita izina exhibition, Kigali exhibition village Kigali-Rwanda.
2016 African village, Renhanit palatinant, Kigali-Rwanda.
2016 Behind me, exhibition by Umurunga arts, Butare-Rwanda.
2015 Kivu nuru arts show and exhibition, paradise hotel, Nord kivu-RDC.

2018 Finalist in the ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi competition, Kigali.
2017 1st prize arts for change competition.
2016 Young talented artist of the year, evolution talent show, Kigali.
2015 2nd prize in kivu nuru art show, Nord kivu-RDC

2019  Mas Els Igols, Barcelona, Spain
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